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My mission is to offer every person in Scotland, irrespective of background, resources or experience, the opportunity to be a digital filmmaker. 


I believe that we already have the tools, in fact we work and live with mobile mini-movie studios all around us. What we lack is the training and opportunity to utilise mobile technology (mobile phones/tablets) to bring our stories to life.

By delivering interactive, fun and engaging training and film projects, working together we can create the opportunities and share these stories with friends, family, local communities and the world.

Felix Gilfedder

Creative Director

Films have played a huge part in my life, from a cartoon obsessed child, a spotty teenager chained to the cinema, a fresh-faced Camera/Editor and more recently as a Lecturer in Film & Media at Glasgow Clyde College.

I believe that the digital revolution is not just for some people but everybody. There has never been a better and more accessible time to make the films that we want to see. Making content that tells stories that speak to us - who we are, is a very exciting prospect. 



  • Filmmaking should be affordable, inspiring and accessible.

  • Utilising the potential of smartphones, tablets and accessible online tools opens up filmmaking to a greater diversity of people, ideas and stories.

  • Films made by and for a community or individual can be richer, more authentic and engaging than content made about them or through conventional productions.

  • Filmmaking using mobile technology develops wider essential skills needed for a digital economy.

  • Using a hybrid of in person filmmaking/training/projects, online learning resources and tutorials creates the strongest development path.

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