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Film projects 

We develop and create community film projects. These projects work with the technology people have around them, like smart phones and tablets, building new skills.

With us you can learn about:

  • Developing a story and working collaboratively

  • Filmmaking practices

  • Editing

  • Sharing your content online or in person 

  • Accessibility, inclusion and outreach  


Each project is tailor made. It is as unique as you are. 

We'll spend time before we start exploring what it is that you want to create, and how we can best achieve and work towards your vision.

ideas to explore

  • A one-off workshop to learn a specific skill such as stop animation, filming 101, or working with special effects etc.

  • A short film project developing an idea or story.

  • An extended project developing a creative brief with specific aims working over a longer period of time.

  • Creating a film festival (online, in person or both). 

  • Developing a film programme for your community.

  • Something else? You tell us.

The world of mobile filmmaking allows people to interact, engage and collaborate in empowering visual ways. It provides lifelong skills. You don't need a lot of experience or expensive equipment, just an idea.
If you would like to develop your own project or for more information email
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